The Largest Skate Floor on the East Coast!

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art skate floor is a favorite for families, friends and skate groups across the Northeast. Space for spectators, lighting and live DJs make The Rink the place to be!

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New skater? We’ve Got You!

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Adjustable Skates

Easily-to-adjust skates to be worn over sneaker for young skaters. Kids can walk or skate while they get comfortable on the floor. We encourage you to accompany your children — please wear sneakers to help keep our floor in top shape!


Skate Mates

Designed to boost the confidence and stability of new skaters. Skate Mates are available at The Rink for a rental charge.

The Café

Refuel with all of your favorites in our café! Enjoy dinner, drinks, snacks and more before heading back out to the floor!

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We have a game room full of old classics and new favorites! Take a break, win tickets and turn them in for prizes in our arcade.

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Stuff Shop

Trade-in your game room winnings on all your favorites — glow products, snacks, toys and more!

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